As a leading Mobile app development company, ImmersiveGaze develops 3D animation, Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps that are both feature-rich and ensures high-performance. For every business big or small which needs to connect with on-the-go consumers, we strategize on the touchpoints within the product or service to make the customer experience truly engaging and responsive.

Our VR/AR app development services are targeted to suit on-demand-based business models of any industry.



Augmented Reality Technology and its promising potential

This an era where technology is both predominant and accessible for everyone. And it is transforming the way we work, communicate, entertain, educate, and organize our lives. It is also transforming the way we experience opportunities and possibilities thanks to the introduction of reality technologies and affordable instruments such as Augmented Reality glasses.

Augmented Reality providing the capability to blend the real world with computer graphics is now viewed as a potential game changer to provide immersive experiences; delivering real time information when and where it is essential with fewer hardware and people dependencies.



Immersive Gaze offers Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed reality technology that engages customers with immersive content. We formulate solutions, every aspect of technology and content creation needs to address a problem. Information and devices we use to consume data keep evolving. Both Information Technology and Communication Technology market develop or enhance the technology that capitalizes on the usage of content to make consumers’ daily life simple but powerful.

3D Animation Company Services

· Concept Art and Illustration

· 3D texturing and modelling

· Video compositing and animation

· Product Animation

· 2D/3D Walkthroughs and Animations

· 3D character animation

· Prototype animations

· Medical animations

· Virtual Tradeshows

· Video editing and special effects

· Brochures and Logo Designs


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